Keith Red is an agent of the Egrigori, and one of the Keith series clones. His ARMS is Gryphon.


First EncounterEdit

Red is first encountered when Ryo,Hayato, and Takeshi have their final confrontation with the Bowen twins in the school gym. He is attacked by Hayato, who he believes to the man that killed his father. However, Red easily counters Hayato, and then informs the twins that he's been sent to kill them. When questioned as to why he answers that the twin's rather public attack on the school has made them a liability. He then easily destroys Minus, then kills Jeff. However, he is stopped from killing Al by Takeshi. He then confronted by Hayato, who tells him that he'll pay for what he did at Abumisawa, but Red expresses confusion at the statement. Red then cryptically hints at the ARMS teens' origins, telling them that they should visit Abumisawa before retreating via helicopter.

After being warned of the incident at Abumisawa, Red goes to the village with a full aerial attack force ready to destroy the village once again. However, Red sounds the retreat late in the attack when Jabberwock appears and devastates his forces and personally injures him.