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Katsumi Akagi
Also Known As: {{{aka}}}
Gender: Female
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ARMS: The Bandersnatch
Fate/Status: Alive
Affiliation: {{{affiliation}}}
Family: Kuruma Kei(twin sister)
Hometown: Japan
First Appearance(Manga): Chapter 1
First Appearance(Anime): Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese: Miura Tomoko
English: Venus Terzo

Ryo's neighbor and classmate, and is very kind and compassionate. She is also extremely strong willed, and has no problems telling people when they are being idiots. Katsumi has been Ryo's closest friend since early childhood, and secretly loves him. Unknown to Katsumi herself, she is also a n Egrigori experiment with a vital part to play in Egrigori's master plan. Katsumi was, in fact, one of the original ARMS-compatible embryos which is why she and Kei bear such a close resemblance to one another. However, she was not given an ARMS implant for unknown reasons. After Ryo's ARMS activates, Katsumi is always beside Ryo trying to keep him calm and sane. Katsumi is taken prisoner by Egrigori in episode 11, but despite her long imprisonment she is always certain that Ryo will come for her. As of volume 18, she has seemingly been killed by the actions of Keith White and Ryo. White used Keith Green's time space jump to pull her into the path of one of Ryo's attacks. However, she is resurrected in the aftermath of Alice's death. In the epilogue, she and Ryo are married and have a child who appears to be the reincarnation of the redeemed Black Alice.

Love Interest: Ryo Takatsuki
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